7 Common Tech Myths You Should Stop Believing Today

    We’ve all been there. Staring at your phone’s app drawer, a wasteland overflowing with forgotten downloads, one-time wonders, and apps promising eternal youth but delivering only spam notifications. It’s a Mount Everest of “maybes” and “somedays,” a testament to our impulsive app-downloading habits. But before you declare your phone possessed by a rogue download gremlin, let’s tackle some common app-hoarding tech myths and reclaim your serenity.

    This one beats them to the punch and (promptly throws it in the microwave). But, of course, your drenched phone begs for the resurrection and radiation does not revive it. Microwaves cook the food, not revive electronic devices. This is like trying to toast a memory stick – it will turn into a smoking wreck, and you’ll produce some rather irate electrons. In fact, how about we stick to dry rice eh? or simply buy a waterproof case.

    Oh, the incognito tab, the internet’s speakeasy – it is so dark, mysterious and offers unlimited anonymity.However, slow down, digital magicians, because incognito might as well be written as “partially hidden”. It does not keep your browsing history from a local device but rather puts on a fake moustache for the bank robbery – an ISP and websites you visit are still aware of who you really are. Therefore, if you are browsing anything that you would not like to have on a billboard poster, then stick to the best VPN unless you fancy your own FBI Wanted episode.

    This one has been passed around the campfires for a long time, feeding the fear of every laptop user. They cry, “If you leave the laptop plugged in, it kills the battery!” But do not fear, tech warriors! Modern laptops are furnished with battery-conserving wizards that terminate the process of charging when the little guy is full. Consider it a self-conscious juice box – when satisfied, it refuses any more drinks. Therefore, take it easy, keep your laptop connected and get rid of the other stuff like spam in the mailbox.

    Recall those old cautions regarding magnets deleting the VHS tapes? As it turns out, the tech world has not left all of its fears of these silver charmers behind. In reality, unless you have a super-magnet straight out of a comic book movie, your phone data is actually safe from the magnetic chaos. Wiping your memories is a little more than what a fridge magnet can do, strong magnets may affect the internal parts. Then, go ahead and stick your phone to the fridge just to boast about your cooking talents – but don’t depend on it as a compass because the maps are for that (unless you are into digital caving, of course).

    And that’s it, people take a safari through the mythical menagerie of the tech world. Recall that knowledge is a power and laughter kills (in the case of digital misinformation). Thus, keep your thinking caps on, accept the absurdity and please note that the only monster you need to worry about is one trying to sell a phone case capable of withstanding nuclear blasts (spoiler alert, it can’t). Now go out there and debunk some tech myths of your own.

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