Tech’s 5 Craziest Inventions and Forgotten Fails

    Technology appears to us as a shiny, forever advancing monster that races towards a bright future. Yet, in spite of the polished screens and streamlined interfaces, beneath there is a bizarre, humorous and often forgotten past. Today we will delve into tech history and see what treasures are hidden in the dusty attic of our past, revealing all sorts of strange and wonderful stories that led us to the gadgets that now seem commonplace.

    “Remember the carrier pigeons, those feathered data packets of yesteryear?” Well, in 1849, Charles Wheatstone had bigger dreams. He envisioned a fleet of clockwork pigeons, each equipped with tiny little cameras that would be capable of snapping and transmitting aerial photographs over long distances. While the project never took flight (pun intended), the idea is pure steampunk gold, reminding us that the urge to share cat pictures transcends species and centuries.Though it lacked realisation, as a concept, there is something utterly golden here; that even a hundred years ago creatures other than humans could not avoid sharing cat pictures.

    These calculations were usually as stiff and sweaty as bread dough before spreadsheets and algorithms.1820s- Enter the Babbage Difference Engine, this is a monster of a machine that was designed to semi automate complicated number punching. Unhappily, this mechanical wonder never produced its theoretical full potential due to technological restrictions and, paradoxically, a lack of funds. Yet, it should be seen as a symbol of humanity’s primitive efforts to offload mental maths – and the moral about the perils of underestimating butter.

    Alexander Graham Bell was not satisfied with the fact that people could only communicate using metal tubes. Oh no, he also played around with the “Musical Telephone,” an invention that transmitted music along with voices. Imagine serenading your grandmother over your rotary phone – ridiculous, funny, and somehow touching. Though the singing telephone never quite caught on (thankfully?), it reveals the playful attitude of early inventors who weren’t afraid to push at some of those boundaries in communication.

    the 1950s saw the “Atomic Toaster” promise to “nuke” your bread to golden perfection using non-harmful nuclear radiation. Fortunately, sanity won and this radioactive breakfast maker never made its way into stores.But its existence serves as a reminder of the era’s fascination with all things atomic, even if it meant applying them to something as mundane as toast.

    Before satellites and fibre optic cables, people tried to connect the world through…pigeons. 1960’s Project Columba sought to train the feathered Postmen that would carry small data packets on their backs. Although this particular project ultimately did not succeed, it proved that we were already dreaming of aerial internet delivery and even before drones – just with a much fluffier fleet.

    These are just a few samples into the weird and wonderful world of tech history. So when you next pull out your smartphone or power up your laptop, spare a thought for the lost technology, the bizarre stories and even human creativity that got us here. Or, perhaps sometime in the future, your great-grandkids will be amused by your “quaint” augmented reality glasses that can only show holograms on your kitchen window.

    Thank you for reading our article, We hope you learnt something and that we were able to spark curiosity in you for the history of technology.If you would like to read more about technology, latest (and oldest) news about technology, feel free to check out our other articles here.

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