RTX 3050 6GB will be replacing the RTX 3050 8GB model, Fewer cores, Lesser Memory bandwidth, and hopefully a cheaper price

    The news that NVIDIA was working on a new GeForce RTX 3050 6GB VRAM Model, with features for a lower price, cut down cuda cores, was first leaked by WCCF Tech back in October. It seems that more information regarding the specifications of this particular SKU is now accessible on the Chinese Board Channel forums.

    It appears that RTX 4060 sales are adversely impacted by the 8GB version of the card, which is why NVIDIA decided to discontinue the RTX 3050 8GB model. Instead, a new version with 6GB of memory that is similar to the mobile version (RTX 2050) will be released.

    With 6GB of VRAM for the upcoming RTX 3050 model, a 96-bit or 128-bit memory bus might be employed. Given the GA106 GPU, both solutions are workable, but it is expected that the new model will most likely be selected for a shorter memory bus. At some point, Nvidia will probably release GPUs, and since CEO Jensen dislikes putting in sufficient VRAM, we’ll have to pay for it separately.

    RTX 3050 6GB
    Source: WCCF Tech

    If the specifications are lowered, there will be a small reduction in overall power consumption and some designs that do not require an external power supply. Most of the cards you are thinking about have power ratings between 70 and 100W. The quad display outputs on the card—three DP and one HDMI—will not change.

    NVIDIA seems to have created this model to cater to the large number of entry-level users that the RTX 40 series did not include. The card is expected to be priced in the US sub-$200 range, competing with GPUs like the Arc A580/A750 and RX 6600, which are powered by RDNA 2 and Arc Alchemist architectures respectively. There are rumors that the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 8 GB graphics card will be discontinued; until a replacement is revealed, the 6 GB model will remain available at entry-level pricing. The RTX 3050 6 GB is expected to be available for purchase in January 2024.

    The way that Classical Technology calls out Nvidia and its shenanigans is excellent.

    Speaking of limitations, NVIDIA purposefully reduces the amount of VRAM and the memory bus on its GPUs, which is necessary for high-resolution and high-fidelity gaming. Later this year, NVIDIA also intends to release a super series of GPUs that will outperform the current models in terms of performance and VRAM.

    I recognize that, with AI growing rapidly, they aren’t managing a charity that will attend to the needs of gamers and give them attention—that is, unless the US government screws them over with the AI and GPU sales fiasco in China. To force customers to purchase the same GPU twice—once with less VRAM and again with more VRAM—they plan to reintroduce the Super series.

    NVIDIA finds itself at a crossroads. Navigating the current situation requires open communication, transparency, and a renewed focus on customer satisfaction. By resolving the issues with the RTX 3050 downgrade and making sure that upgrading to the next Super series doesn’t feel forced.

    The gaming community is vocal and very passionate. NVIDIA needs to show that it is dedicated to providing performance and value, not just maximizing profits. Then and only then will it be able to guarantee a robust and healthy gaming ecosystem for future generations. Let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best.

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