Huawei’s Kirin 9006C Shows That the P70 Flagships of 2023 Will Be Outfitted With A New 5nm SoC

    Huawei has released a new chipset called the Kirin 9006C, which is found in gadgets like the Huawei Qingyun L540 notebook. The maximum clock speed for the core is 3.13GHz. There is conjecture that Huawei specifically designed these cores.

    It is projected that Huawei will launch its new P70 flagship smartphone series in 2024, which will include three new models with significantly improved hardware specs. In an earlier report, it was predicted that the P70 Art—possibly the most expensive model—would have an amazing camera setup that includes a hybrid 1G6P lens along with other features. Despite this knowledge, Huawei remained silent about the chipset that would be included in the three models.

    kirin 9006c

    It was questioned if SMIC and Huawei would be able to break through the 7nm barrier and mass produce something on a better node. However, it would be far more expensive to do so than to use EUV hardware. Rumors had it that the Chinese semiconductor company would produce this 5nm chipset by recycling its existing deep ultraviolet process (DUV) equipment.

    In any case, both businesses unveiled the Kirin 9006C, an 8-core CPU cluster that powers the recently released Qingyun L540 laptops. The achievement of both companies in developing a 5nm chip in the context of US sanctions defies expectations, even though the precise process by which Huawei and SMIC accomplished this has not been made public.

    It further confirms the rumor that Huawei will use the same 5nm technology to develop a new smartphone chipset that will be part of the upcoming P70 lineup, even though there aren’t many details about its official name yet. To reduce eye strain, Huawei is reportedly working on the P70 series and has located suppliers for high refresh rate displays that can also handle lower PWM values.

    As December comes to an end and 2024 approaches, we will soon discover how Huawei raises the bar with the P70 range and revitalizes the smartphone market. Remember that 100 million phones are anticipated to be shipped by the previous Chinese behemoth in 2019. Watch to see if the company meets this new standard.

    In conclusion, Huawei’s dedication to expanding the frontiers of technology is demonstrated by the Kirin 9006C. The fact that we expect to see more devices running on this chipset indicates how exciting and promising the future of technology is.

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