Intel Set to Launch 14th Gen Core Non-K Desktop CPUs – Chinese Leak Claims in Early January

    Intel, the multinational corporation and technology company, is reportedly planning to launch its 14th Gen Core non-K desktop CPUs on January 8th. The news comes amidst leaks from two of its upcoming processors, the i3-14100 and i5-14400.

    The 14th Gen Core CPUs are part of Intel’s Raptor Lake Refresh desktop processors. The new generation has relatively little to offer in terms of significant generational improvements. However, the good news for price-conscious PC builders is that they’ll continue to work in all current 600- and 700-series motherboards after a BIOS update.

    While the 14th Gen Core CPUs may not offer significant generational improvements, they do provide an option for PC builders looking for compatibility with current motherboards. The leaked specifications of the i3-14100 and i5-14400 suggest that these CPUs could offer improved performance over their predecessors. However, as with all leaks, it’s important to take this information with a grain of salt until official details are released.

    Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the official launch date on January 8th.

    intel 14th gen leak
    Source ECSM

    The Core i3-14100, an entry-level SKU, has a 3.5GHz base clock and a 4.7GHz boost clock. It managed to score 2,509 in the single-core benchmark and 8,881 in the Geekbench 6 multi-core test, which are a shade higher than the scores achieved by the i3-131006. In terms of specs, the 14100 is a quad-core part that comes with only 4 P-cores (no E-cores) and 8 threads.

    intel 14th gen core 14100 leaked benchmarks
    Source: ECSM
    • CPU-Z ST: 759.1
    • CPU-Z MT: 6630.9
    • Cinebench ST: 1773
    • Cinebench MT: 16074
    • Geekbench ST: 2509
    • Geekbench MT: 8881

    The Core i5-14400 is a 10-core processor featuring 6 performance cores. The i5-14400 scored 2464 points in the single-core CPU tests on average, and 13,373 points in multi-core tests. The 14th-generation chip sees a fairly small 8% improvement in single-core performance. But it shines in multi-core benchmarking, according to the leak, with a 29% bump compared to the i5-13400

    intel 14th gen core 14400 leaked benchmarks
    • CPU-Z ST: 759.1
    • CPU-Z MT: 6630.9
    • Cinebench ST: 1773
    • Cinebench MT: 16074
    • Geekbench ST: 2464
    • Geekbench MT: 13373
    • CPU-Z ST: 837.7
    • CPU-Z MT: 9395.4
    • Cinebench ST: 1992
    • Cinebench MT: 22768

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