Grok AI lands in India: Elon Musk’s chatbot enters the ring, but with a hefty price tag

    High tech nuts and AI lovers, this one’s for you! Now that Elon Musk’s Grok AI will finally grace Indian shores, your eyes might water over the price tag. Incredibly, Grok AI demands as much as Rs 2,299 for its early access privilege-over four times the monthly rate of another heavyweight contender in the chatbot ring ChatGPT Plus, which sits very comfortably at a mere Rs 1,199.

    This “rebellious chatbot” boasts some intriguing features: 

    Real-time data access: With access to the huge data pool of X (X, once called Twitter), Grok pledges answers that are timely and relevant, in keeping with current trends.

    Fun and regular mode: Fun mode or regular? Decide from witty banter, or plain talk.

    X Premium+ perks: With its ad-free browsing, blue check verification along with other exclusive features the X Premium+ subscription includes access to Grok.

    Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons: 

    Cutting-edge technology: The underlying language model is the grok-0, with 33 billion parameters, supposedly surpassing even ChatGPT’s GPT-3.5.

    • Real-time information: If Grok can access live data, his answers will be more dynamic and relevant than other competing sites.
    • Fun factor: Its “rebellious” personality may well be what appeals to users looking for a funny, chatty friend.
    • X Premium+ perks: Subscribe to X Premium+ for ad-free browsing, blue check verification and other exclusive features as well as having a password to access Grok.

    Price barrier: The high price could turn off a large portion of the potential user base, and more so in India where affordability is an issue for many.

    • Limited access: Because Grok is behind the X Premium+ wall, it can’t be used casually.
    • Early access risks: In this early phase, Grok may still be riddled with bugs and inconsistencies.

    In the end, whether to accept Grok AI is up to you and how much money you want to spend. If you like technology, have a thick wallet, and can’t live without the latest gizmo, give Grok worth a try. But for the average user. ChatGPT Plus or perhaps even the free version of ChatGPT are probably still more reasonable options.

    The final verdict: The arrival of Grok AI in India is great news, but its price raises questions of affordability. Its abilities and possible applications are there for all to see, but whether Grok can earn its keep at that price remains a question only the future knows the answer to. In this increasingly crowded market of AI chatbots, will it be able to find itself a place?

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    Logo for Grok AI (Image credit: xAI)

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