Microsoft Shuts down Microsoft 365 Extension on Mobile and PC: New things you need to know

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    Introduction to Microsoft Corporation Inc. 

    Microsoft Corporation, founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975, is one of the world’s foremost technology giants. Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft has played a pivotal role in shaping the digital landscape. 

    Initially recognized for its groundbreaking operating system, MS-DOS, Microsoft achieved global acclaim with the release of Windows, revolutionizing personal computing. 

    The company has diversified its portfolio to encompass a vast array of software, hardware, and services, including the ubiquitous Microsoft Office suite, Windows operating systems, cloud services through Azure, and products like the Xbox gaming console.

     Microsoft’s commitment to innovation is underscored by its forays into artificial intelligence, mixed reality, and ongoing contributions to open-source initiatives. 

    With a global footprint and a legacy of transformative technologies, Microsoft remains a trailblazer in the ever-evolving realm of information technology.

    microsoft office 365

    Introduction to Microsoft 365

    Microsoft 365, a comprehensive suite of cloud-based productivity tools, is a digital powerhouse designed to transform the way individuals and organizations work.

     Bringing together the familiar productivity applications of Microsoft Office with intelligent cloud services, the serivce offers an integrated solution that empowers users to collaborate seamlessly, enhance productivity, and adapt to the demands of the modern workplace. 

    This dynamic suite includes essential applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, ensuring robust document creation and collaboration. Beyond the classics, it provides services covering communication with Outlook, collaboration through Teams, data storage with OneDrive, and even advanced analytics with Power BI. 

    The seamless integration of these services facilitates a fluid workflow, allowing users to create, communicate, and collaborate in real-time, from any device and location. 

    This is not just a set of tools; it’s a transformative ecosystem that facilitates agility, fosters innovation, and enables organizations to thrive in an increasingly digital and interconnected world. 

    The Move to shut down its Extension 

    In a shocking move, Microsoft has shut its popular extension from January 15, 2024. It should also be remembered that this extension is very popular and has over 10 million downloads. 

    This extension allows quick access to all its apps like MS – Office, MS- Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, etc in your Chrome or Edge browser. This is very useful for users who have not installed this app or haven’t bought a subscription. 

    The company however didn’t give a reason for this move but most experts say that the company is facing issues with this extension. Despite updating, these issues are not improving. So that’s why they have decided to shut down this extension. Also, this could be a move to drive more customers towards an official way of downloading and installing since many users use third-party apps to install this. 

    “After this date, the extension will no longer receive security updates, non-security updates, bug fixes, or technical support. The browser extension will also be removed from Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome web stores as an extension add-on.” A message in the browser read..

    HHgzda86C49nlms6Xl5NYdpC4NePUT6w7ENwgbqxjIsQzo1O3KRaGe2tu701N8kT0HMzo6lhJsVl5scVkAaAWn2w0CUp5kQ0M2dCtcVu5y4sMmeyZZYCaHv5ERXbm4C2wnlH1dscj k r38ISHsdyI

    Advantages and disadvantages


    1. Streamlined Focus: Microsoft may redirect resources and efforts towards enhancing other products or services, allowing for a more concentrated development focus.
    2. Improved Integration: Microsoft might integrate the functionality of the extension directly into existing platforms, providing a more seamless and integrated user experience.


    1. Disruption for Users: Users who heavily rely on the extension may face disruption, having to adapt to new workflows or find alternative tools to meet their needs.
    2. Loss of Features: The extension likely offers specific features that may not be easily replicable in other tools. Users might lose certain functionalities they found valuable.
    3. Transition Challenges: Organizations using the extension may encounter challenges in transitioning to new tools or workflows, potentially incurring additional costs and downtime.


    In conclusion, the potential discontinuation of the extension brings forth a spectrum of implications. While a streamlined focus and integrated features may offer benefits, the disruption for users and the potential loss of unique functionalities pose significant challenges. Navigating this transition will require adaptability from users and strategic planning from Microsoft to ensure a smooth evolution. As technology landscapes evolve, this shift prompts reflection on the dynamic nature of software development and the continuous quest for innovation, urging both developers and users to embrace change as an inherent part of the digital journey.

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