Apple Watch Banned | Series 9 pulled| CEO Kian Response & More

    Everyone is talking about a war that recently broke out in the halls of tech between Apple and Masimo, a medical device firm. The issue? In the US, an import ban on newer Apple Watch models was imposed following a determination by the International Trade Commission that Apple had violated Masimo’s pulse oximetry patents.

    The dispute centres on Masimo’s argument that Apple has appropriated its technology for blood oxygen sensors in the Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2. After months of consideration, the ITC ruled in favour of Masimo, ordering a ban on sales.

    It was a bombshell that shook more than just the tech world, worrying Apple fans and investors alike. Of course, the Apple Watch is not a small player in this market, and has legions of fans as well as leading sales figures.

    Kian said in a statement that Apple suspects its patents to be neither valid nor infringed and stressed his firm’s determination to protect intellectual property and right to innovate. He also indicated the possibility of legal action when he mentioned options available for protection.

    “This is a victory for innovation and for protecting the rights of inventors. We believe that Apple’s infringement of our patented technology has not only harmed our business but also put consumers at risk by potentially providing inaccurate and unreliable blood oxygen measurements.” – Joe Kian, CEO of Masimo

    Kian’s attitude was not completely critical. At the same time, he noted that cooperation and collaboration are essential to delivering quality health care, so it wouldn’t be impossible for him to work with Masimo to end the dispute. The attitude of compromise shows clearly an intention to seek a win-win outcome for both companies and consumers.

    The influence of the ban can already be seen. Apple has even pulled its Series 9 and Ultra 2 from US shelves. This has put a hole in the high-end smartwatch market. Of course, with older models still on the market the loss of these latest versions will be a blow.Only the long-term consequences remain to be seen. The ITC’s ruling can be appealed by Apple, who may thus avoid a ban for the time being. Or perhaps they could redesign the infringing technology or enter into a licensing agreement with Masimo.

    No matter what the outcome, this saga highlights some fundamental questions concerning intellectual property rights and the competitive structure of our high-tech industry. This likewise shows how important creativity and cooperation is for any progress in health care technology.

    While watching this drama unfold, we should not forget that what matters must be ‘improvement’. In the end, Apple and Masimo should share a common mission–to advance technology and enhance lives.

    Perhaps this war of sorts can be used as a pretext for cooperation, with mutual learning and knowledge driving the digital forward. No longer fighting over medical information in the courtroom, imagine a future where technology and health care collaborate to transform healthcare accessibility and quality.

    But there is only time that will tell how this story ends. But one thing’s for sure: The Apple Watch incident is a perfect example of the delicate balance between innovation, competition and intellectual property in an ever changing technology world.

    The drama is still in the making. We can be sure that the next chapter will prove no less fascinating, especially in terms of healthcare and wearable technology.

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