AMD Fixes RDNA 3: Mostly, Enhances AFMF, Improves FSR3 Quality, Deals with Stuttering, and More

    With Adrenaline 23.12.1, AMD Fixes RDNA 3, FSR 3 Frame Gen, improves overall user experience, and adds support for HAGS starting with the RX 7700 Series and up.

    AMD has had numerous problems with hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling, AFMF (AMD Fluid Motion Frame), and inconsistent performance until recently. Below is a summary of what is involved:

    Problems with AMD Fluid Motion Frames (AFMF): AMD RadeonTM RX 7000 Series desktop graphics cards can play DirectX® 11 and 12 games at a higher frame rate thanks to this frame generation technology.

    Nevertheless, when AFMF was activated, the game’s resolution was altered, or a task switch occurred (e.g., alt-tab between windows), and there were sporadic driver crashes were seen. Although the problem is more noticeable in benchmarking software, there’s a chance that players encountered slowdowns elsewhere.

    Issues with Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling (HAGS): Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling (HAGS) is a feature in Windows that can potentially improve performance in certain scenarios. However, there were reports of new drivers not supporting HAGS in Windows. Some users reported that they didn’t see any performance improvement with HAGS turned on.

    Additional Performance Problems: RDNA 3 graphics cards running Windows 11 were also reported to have significant performance problems. A Google software engineer encountered issues with significantly fewer TimeSpy results than expected when using an RX 7900 XTX with the most recent Adrenalin driver installed.

    The good news is that attention has recently been paid to these problems. AMD has been putting a lot of effort into fixing these issues. For example, the November 9th release has been improved to further enhance stability for the AFMF issue.

    Some users have proposed registry hacks as a workaround for the HAGS issue. Regarding the other performance problems, AMD was able to replicate this serious glitch, and users were advised to either wait for the fix to be released or go back to the previous driver.

    Although the situation has improved as a result of these fixes, users may still experience problems based on their unique hardware and software configurations. Always make sure your drivers are up to date and if you have any problems, contact AMD for more help. Hopefully, HAGS will also be fixed for the RX 7600 Series.

    amd fixes rdna 3 with better fsr 3 quality, adding hags, and improves afmf
    Source: AMD

    AMD redesigned its driver with the December 7th update to include all of the improvements and changes from AMD Software: Edition of Adrenalin 23.12.1 in addition to improving stuttering and frame rate when AFMF is active.

    Recall that the AMD Fluid Motion Frames technology is presently in the technical preview stage. As a result, we should anticipate a much more refined version of the initial technology upon its release from the preview. The main driver brand was made available earlier this week as part of the Adrenalin 23.12.1 package, and the technical preview driver contains all of the enhancements and modifications found in that driver.

    Like AMD’s FSR 3, Fluid Motion Frames technology adds a frame interpolation technique to enable frame generation. This can more than double the frame rate in games, but the main difference is that FSR 3 is integrated into the game engine, while AFMF is controlled by the Radeon hardware.

    Although the graphics in FSR 3 are far better than in previous versions, the GPU owner’s frame-gen only works with a restricted range of hardware, so other players can still use Fluid Motion Frames to benefit from frame generation. Given the popularity of handheld consoles in recent years, I think AMFM is a very sensible option. All things considered, I’m delighted to see that Fluid Motion Frames technology is being enhanced, and I eagerly await more releases in the future.

    Source: Hardware Unboxed YT

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