Is AI Truly Taking Our Job?

    Remember those Terminator movies where robots were hunting man?! That is certainly not the best scenario of a workplace for all of us. But before you envisage Skynet arising let’s consider how AI is actually transforming the way we work (and play) in a more measured perspective!

    Think of Artificial Intelligence as your super powered colleague, rather than a job stealing robot. It’s about augmentation, not annihilation. Here’s how: 

    Automating the mundane: Forget about data entry drudgery and repetition. Artificial Intelligence does scheduling, reporting and even simple customer service freeing you for more strategic things to do or other creative work.

    Boosting your brainpower: Do you need insights from market research or sophisticated data analysis? Artificial Intelligence analyses numbers, and prepares reports within seconds, before you even say “pivot table”.

    Personalising the experience: Artificial intelligence can design workflows, learning preferences and even office environments according to your specific needs. Let’s say there is an office that manages to change the temperature and lighting according to your mood, or a calendar that arranges your schedule automatically during the periods when you are at top form.

    Gamify your goals: Automatic technology- enabled productivity apps that turn your todo list into a fun, competitive game. Accumulate points, open levels and test your peers to stay inspired.

    Enhance and exalt learning experience : Auto-powered personalised learning platforms can be designed to suit your strengths and weaknesses so you have a lesson plan made for any skill you wish.

    Tap into your inner artist: Tools allow you to write poems, compose music or even create beautiful art.Create something without having talent like Picasso.

    The answer is: it depends. If we use Artificial Intelligence to increase our verticality, creativity and even leisure – it can revolutionise our balance of work-life in ways that defy imagination. This is something we need to tread lightly on, and talk about such issues as bias, job displacement and the ethical dilemmas.

    The future of work is in partnership, not rivalry. It would be wise to team up with Artificial Intelligence to design a workplace that is effective, inspiring and even a little bit – fun.

    AI is not a meaningless term; it is the future of work — and play. Accept it, assimilate to it and use it for your good. The future will be for those who learn to cooperate with robots and not war against them. 

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