5 Steps to a Digital Detox: Reclaim Your Time and Attention

    We keep scrolling, swiping and hitting the like buttons harder and sharing more. We are dependent on these notifications as we keep our thumbs busy with frantic techno-ballet rhythms, our eyes set the pace.We humans are citizens of the 21st century sewn into its electrical grid and humming-buzz 24 hours a day.

    It is a time for some digital detox no more addiction to screens and its tyranny. Not an outcast from any monastic cabin; a wise revolution to redeem our time and attention two of life’s most scarce resources.

    The digital deluge isn’t without consequences. Studies paint a concerning picture: sleep disturbances, attention deficits, anxiety, and a gnawing sense of disconnection. We’re bombarded with information, yet starved of meaning

    Not in that factor do not plan for the cold plunge.Begin with bite-sized tech fasts: a phone-free breakfast, screenless walk to –a digital sunset ritual is more like a sunrise but at the end of the day. Systems are designed to achieve internal peace, and enlarge these pockets gradually.

    It is bedrooms, these dining tables and libraries – create havens where one can’t hear the digital echo. Let it be silent and see the happening of dialogues.

    Great, they simply aren’t friends but sirens enticing you back into the whirlpool. Silence all unnecessary alerts, set up check-ins and enjoy the luxury of not having to play pinging back and forth with artificial bulletin boards.

    Did anyone ever forget that feeling of a live face? Mimesis, that is not maintained by emojis and owns the quality time tasting supper without being distracted.

    Pick up a book, let your pen glides through the paper, as you feel the ground on your bare feet. Celebrate with the depth of the offline journey, reclaim what our generations have already forgotten about the non-digital life.

    The white screen, the silent phone – there is nothing to be afraid of.Let your imagination run wild, draw pictures even if you don’t think you can, daydream. Between you and I what appears may be staggering.

    If you use a screen, try to limit the time and celebrate the milestones while moving towards your goal. Give yourself a prize for digital detox, and see how the change occurs, one notification silenced, each sunset enjoyed at its own time.

    Now you may be laughing now and saying: “Does this concern me? I need to always be connected because of my job or I get informed via my social media account!” This is acceptable. This has nothing to do with isolation from the others. It is not just about relaxing, finding time to rest and be in the moment. Think of it as an online version of something like a hot soak to wash away the grime of life, and get you back into the world with cleaner skin. 

    Imagine facing your work seasoned by a sharper mind, entering into human discourse with a heart made more perceptive, and returning to the mania of social media with purpose in hand rather than the compulsions they ostensibly offer. Digital detox isn’t about quitting technology, but it is about using it on your terms and not on the endless scrolling of Twitter or Facebook. So, breathe, shut off your phone and go into the dark. After you click on that screen, you might not know what you have gotten yourself into.

    There will be stumps, instances of relapse. However, with every hour of having no pixels, you’ll have one more portion of yourself. You will regain the joy of the here and now that is saturated with real intimacy, with the challenge of independent creativity.

    So let’s unplug, not to lose our connection with the world but to reestablish it. Once again find ourselves, our environment and the joyous cacophony of life that transcends what we view on the screen.

    This digital detox is not all about the technology; it’s also about reclaiming your core, taking back your time, and finding that attention. It’s about realising what it is to be truly awake and alive in a good way, that is, human, liberated.

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