Soothing to the Eyes

    Twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are.

    The stars, the beautiful stars, the shining stars, the elegant stars, the stars which are soothing to the eyes.

    We often wish to be beautiful as the stars. But when we say that we wonder and are not sure about how the stars really are.

    Then why do we so confidently believe that the stars are the best and we wish to be like them?

    stars and planets

    If we see a star from a close distance we will know that a star is just an ugly-looking fireball, which is not beautiful, not elegant, not soothing to our eyes.

    Whereas a coconut seems too ugly for our eyes to wish to see it, to wish to be like it.

    If we break it apart we will find its inner side to be beautiful, to be pure, to be white, to be soothing to our eyes.

    Then why not be like a coconut?

    Soothing sunset and coconut tree
    Sunset and coconut tree.

    No matter how ugly, how dark and how typical looking our outer covering is it will not make any difference.

    But being beautiful from the inside will make difference.

    So being like a star will give you acceptance from yourself but being like coconut will give you acceptance from others as well as yourself.

    So which one would you choose to be, a star or a coconut?

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