Amazing and Life Changing Invention : CMF Laptop Charger brief Review

    CMF GaN Charger

    This Blog will brief you about the new CMF Laptop Charger which will bring a drastic change in your lifestyle. Read the full blog to know more…

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    Every household of today has a desktop computer or a laptop used by every member of the house. Also, it is being used in all workplaces. 

    Desktop computers are placed at the table or fixed place with all the wires connected to a central switch that operates all the components of the computer or desktop.

     It is mostly used for heavy work like video – editing, graphic designing, coding, gaming, video streaming, movie streaming, etc. For lightweight works like docs editing, video conferencing, and taking the backup of the files, the laptop is used. A desktop computer is not portable whereas a laptop is portable. 

    A laptop requires charging the battery up to 100 % and then it can run continuously. In contrast, a desktop can run continuously without charging but must be connected to a constant power source. 

    Nowadays Gaming laptops are being used extensively because they have more space, high-speed processors that facilitate a smooth gameplay experience, 4k video streaming, and long battery life. Also, there are various chipsets being released like AMD Ryzen, NVIDIA processors, DLSS 3.5, etc. that make them more powerful. 

    AMD Ryzen Latest Gaming Laptop
    A gaming Laptop by AMD
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    Latest Processor by Ryzen

    The main problem arising with laptops is the heavy brick-like charger with wires sticking out of both sides that have to be carried with it everywhere you go. This consumes a lot of space and makes the luggage heavy. 

    A simple laptop charger
    A simple laptop charger

    All Specifications of CMF Laptop Charger

    If you are a fan of laptops and you use them frequently, there is a solution to this problem. Presenting to you the latest invention in technology, the CMF GaN 65 W all-in-one Charger. 

    CMF GaN Charger
    ( Image credit :

    The CMF GaN charger is the MVP of all the laptop chargers available in the market as it facilitates fast charging. It occupies less space in the baggage and is light weight approximately around 300 grams. The price of This charger is approximately Rs 3000 /- in the Indian market. 

    This mainly consists of Gallium nitride which is why the name GaN, unlike other chargers that mainly consist of a Lithium-ion combination which allows the conduction of electric charges up to specific speeds that’s why slow charging speeds. This chemical combination is a semiconductor that allows faster conduction of electric charges.

    GaN Chemical Formula
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    Lithium-ion battery structure

    The most important question that comes into everyone’s mind is does every device support 65 W charging configuration? If not then how is this charger useful?

     So let us understand the charging configuration of this charger. 65 W is the peak charging speed that this charger can pick up. 

    The CMF Power smartly distributes the power according to the number of devices plugged in. For example, with two devices charging it will do a 45W + 20W split. And with three plugged in, it goes into a 45W + 7.5W + 7.5W configuration.

    This charger has one disadvantage if there are two devices plugged in like a Laptop and a smartphone both of them will charge at a good speed. But as soon as a third device is connected, the third device will charge at around 20 W which is very slow. 

    However, there are various advantages against one disadvantage. Some of them are that it is lightweight, small in size, it is cheaper, and supports fast charging. 

    Embrace the future with the CMF GaN Charger – a compact, affordable, and versatile solution, that transforms your charging experience effortlessly.

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