The Day Before: The Miserable State of Games in 2023 and the Gaming Industry

    “The Day Before”, a game that promised to revolutionize the zombie survival MMO genre, has instead become a symbol of the worst elements of the modern gaming industry. The game’s developer, Fntastic, announced the studio’s closure just four days after the game’s release, citing financial failure1. The news, while tragic, confirmed the fears of many who suspected the project was a scam.

    The hype was just the day before, the developers quit the day after… taking your and investors’ money, ie. What a Fntastic Move!

    The Day Before was first revealed in 2021 through a gameplay demonstration trailer that quickly gained attention for its stunning visuals and seemingly deep gameplay.

    The game’s developers aspired to create the ultimate MMO zombie survival experience, combining the cinematic production values of games like “The Last of Us” with the gameplay depth of modern MMOs1. The game quickly rose to the top of Steam’s Wishlist chart, indicating a strong desire among gamers for such an experience.

    The game quickly rose to the top of Steam’s Wishlist chart, indicating a strong desire among gamers for such an experience.

    However, skepticism about the game began to surface shortly after its reveal. Questions were raised about how a small studio like Fntastic could deliver a Triple-A-level projectThe developers did little to assuage these concerns, instead choosing to release a new trailer announcing a June 21, 2022 release date1.

    The skepticism proved to be well-founded. In May 2022, Fntastic announced that the game would be delayed to port it over to Unreal Engine 5. This was the beginning of a series of controversies and setbacks that would plague the game until its release.

    The Day Before faced numerous controversies throughout its development. These included copyright disputes, accusations of copying other games, and criticism for using volunteers instead of paid workers. Despite these controversies, anticipation for the game remained high, with it returning to the top of the Steam wishlist prior to its release.

    Fntastic released an official statement via Twitter, as stated above, addressing the criticism and asking critics to stop accusing the studio of scamming potential players. However, the controversies continued to pile up, with the game facing accusations of asset flipping and concerns about its overall quality.

    The Day Before was finally released for early access on December 7, 2023. However, the game was met with overwhelmingly negative reviews on SteamCritics panned the game for its pervasive bugs and accused it of being a scam. You can no longer purchase this game, and there are several reports out there that the unsold game keys are getting auctioned for almost $300.

    the day before getting rekt
    The Day before Getting Rekt by Gamers

    In a shocking turn of events, Fntastic announced the studio’s closure just four days after the game’s releaseThe studio cited financial failure and stated that future income would be used to pay off debts. Another reason to consider it as a potential scam.

    The story of “The Day Before” is a cautionary tale for the gaming industry, and represents how saddening the state of games in 2023 is, relying solely on upscaling and AI-based tech to pass off hard work. It highlights the importance of transparency and accountability in game development and the potential consequences of failing to deliver on promises.

    As gamers in 2023, the pain train shows no signs of stopping. Each game studio brings out promising content, only to label it as ‘Early Access’ after a series of failures. And if that’s not enough, they resort to issuing apologies on Twitter.

    It’s almost as if they’re following a script. Speaking of scripts, let’s not forget about Studio Wildcard and their game, Ark: Survival Ascended. They’ve practically copy-pasted the same thing into Unreal Engine 5 and $40 bucks, oh and RIP Ark2 btw. It’s like reheating leftovers and serving them as a fresh meal. Innovation, it seems, is an endangered species in some corners of the gaming industry.

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