Starfield’s Upcoming Updates for 2024: A Comprehensive Look

    Starfield, a popular space exploration game developed by Bethesda, has some exciting updates lined up for 2024. In line with Bethesda’s usual practice, Starfield was released with a number of bugs and problems. However, these have been gradually rectified through subsequent patches.

    Bethesda has recently revealed that the most substantial update for Starfield so far is set to enter Steam Beta in the coming week, with a complete rollout expected approximately two weeks later. This update is anticipated to bring a range of visual enhancements and resolve numerous bugs impacting quests and space exploration, among other things.

    starfield updates 2024

    The next major update is due in February 2024Bethesda has outlined several features to expect on top of regular bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements:

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    This update contains a multitude of fixes to Quests. Eye of the Storm issues such as being unable to dock with the Legacy or data transfer not starting, and Temples not showing up in Into the Unknown, will no longer prevent Constellation from exploring the cosmos.

    Additionally, this update brings stability improvements and numerous graphic improvements ranging from additional widescreen support to improved textures, lighting, and shadows.

    Other fixes and improvements include sun disk geometry, planet ring shadows, bulldozed objects reappearing when returning to an outpost, ship hatches marked inaccessible, and another fix for asteroids following ships. The full update notes will be posted next week when the Steam Beta is released!


    The first story expansion for Starfield, “Shattered Space”, is expected to be released in February, adding new narratives and quests for players to explore. Alongside this, the major update will introduce stability improvements and graphic enhancements, including additional widescreen support, better textures, lighting, and shadows. The update will also address various issues affecting quests and gameplay.

    In other news, modders Deantendo and SpoopySauce1 are planning to add two new House Va’ruun weapons to the game. Additionally, a group of players have discovered over 200 unique creatures in Starfield, which is five times more than the number of creatures Bethesda had added in Fallout 4. However, Starfield has been facing some controversy as it has been review-bombed on Steam after winning the Most Innovative Gameplay award on the platform. Despite this, players are spending more time playing Starfield than Baldur’s Gate 3, which is Game of the Year.

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