Frostivus 2023: Dota 2’s Biggest Holiday Bash

    Dota 2 is back with Frostivus, but it seems like a case of déjà vu. The update, touted as one of the most significant in Dota 2’s history, feels more like a reheated meal than a fresh feast. Sure, there are new skins and an Arcana that’s different from King of Kings, but it’s all part of the same old recipe in the massive 7.35 patch.

    The game is blanketed in holiday cheer, but it’s the same cheer we’ve seen year after year. This isn’t your typical snowball fight; it’s more like a snowball fight we’ve had before. Patch 7.35 may be heavy with shiny cosmetics and a groundbreaking Arcana, but it’s just a shiny new wrapper on the same old gift. Any colossal changes? More like colossal reruns. So here’s to Frostivus, the festival of rehash. Volvo, we expect more.

    Alright alright, enough bashing, we can at least sell whatever in-game loot lord Gaben decides to have for us.

    Stepping into the Frostivus universe is akin to entering a meticulously designed snow globe. The familiar terrain of Dota 2 has been magically transformed into a winter spectacle, adorned with frosty embellishments and twinkling lights. But Frostivus isn’t just a pretty face. This update injects a new lease of life into the game with an overhauled gameplay model that adds an unexpected twist to the action. Picture a conventional Dota 2 match, now infused with a dash of holiday-themed pandemonium and surprises. Frostivus offers more than just superficial festivities; it’s a gateway to an entirely new realm of thrill.

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    But let’s not forget the most festive part of this update: the banishment of toxic smurfs and hackers. It’s as if Valve decided to gift these miscreants a lump of coal for their toxic behavior. A permanent ban, the harshest of holiday gifts, served as a much-needed cleanse for the Dota 2 community. So, hats off to Valve for finally lending an ear to the community and taking out the trash. It’s a Frostivus miracle indeed!

    frostivus 2023. treasures

    Frostivus isn’t just about the visuals and gameplay; it’s also a festive buffet of events hosted by Valve. These events are your ticket to exclusive rewards, holiday merriment, and the chance to earn bragging rights among Dota fans. Triumphing over these challenges will net you a collection of unique cosmetics, in-game bonuses, and that warm, fuzzy feeling of truly embracing the Frostivus spirit.

    Now, let’s talk about the 7.35 update. It introduced a new item called Khanda. But here’s the kicker: it’s as if Valve decided to gift-wrap imbalance and call it an update. Khanda, a blend of Crystalys and Phyactery, seems to have been designed with the sole purpose of wreaking havoc in the game, especially for heroes like Nature’s Prophet. It’s like Valve decided to play Santa, but instead of delivering gifts, they’re delivering game-breaking changes. So, here’s to Frostivus and the 7.35 update – a festival of rehash and a gift of imbalance. Cheers, Valve.

    Dota 2 event is known for its dazzling array of cosmetics, and Frostivus 2023 follows suit. It promises a spectacle of new skin, transforming your beloved heroes into frosty warriors and playful jesters. Whether you’re a fan of icy armor with sparkling particle effects or whimsical winter costumes, there’s supposedly a cosmetic for everyone.

    However, let’s take a moment to talk about the treasures. They’re touted as a treasure trove of excitement, but in reality, they might just be a trove of disappointment, at least they are sellable, considering everyone getting the same stuff, so don’t expect great profit, lastly, something is better than nothing.

    The treasures, filled with supposedly epic sets and special surprises, feel more like a grab bag of mediocrity. It’s as if Valve decided to wrap up the same old items in a shiny new package and call it a day.

    So, while Frostivus 2023 may be a winter wonderland on the surface, the treasures might just leave you feeling a little frostbitten.

    But there’s also Arcana, the flagship of Frostivus 2023. At this time, Valve has not taken the normal route. We have an Arcana we’ve never seen before. As opposed to a single hero, this Arcana opens up space for many possibilities. What if you could vicariously experience the strength of an unstable Snow Queen, a reticent Frost Knight, or even a genial Snowman? Each with its character and myriad changes to the gameplay. A game-changing Arcana, it’s never been so much fun to customise and add a splash of holiday cheer to the battlefield.

    frostivus 2023, valve

    Let’s talk about the Wraith King Arcana. It’s touted as a fresh take, but it feels more like a reheated dish. It’s as if Valve decided to dress up Skeleton King, for a blizzard case, in a new outfit and call it a day. The Wraith King Arcana, despite its shiny new packaging, seems to be a mere echo of a character that’s been in the game since day one. So, while Frostivus 2023 may promise novelty and excitement, the Wraith King Arcana might just leave you feeling a bit cold.

    But wait, there’s more! And to round it all off, Valve is giving every player a Frostivus 2023 chest for free. It is also possible to use this chest to unlock Personas or even Arcanas. This means that this Frostivus really is a gift that just will not stop giving. In short, go into Dota 2, immerse yourself in the holiday season, and get ready for one of the biggest and wildest Frostivus parties so far.

    Far from an ordinary update, Frostivus 2023 is a passport to an exciting community and the most flamboyant way of celebrating the holidays you have ever witnessed. Therefore, get your pals together, crack open Dota 2 and let the madness of Frostivus begin!

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    Image credits: Valve

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