Can 2024 Rise from the Gaming Flops of 2023?

    2023, a year full of high hopes…and disappointments that broke our hearts. From Gollum’s sneaky walks to the weak vampire hunt in Redfall, many game titles were expected to be big but ended up with a loud crash. But don’t worry, there is hope even in the mess. Let’s look at the Gaming flops that happened in 2023 and see how things might change to make 2024 better.

    Gollum’s Stumble: The liked (or at least, felt sorry for) animal’s single adventure could have been a sneak game champion. Instead, we got old working systems, same tasks and pictures that wouldn’t be good enough in 2013. A hard-learned lesson about choosing game enjoyment over remembering old brand names.

    Redfall’s Biteless Hunt: Arkane Studios, the experts in making worlds feel real, gave us a game about fighting vampires that felt kind of empty. Not so good play, a same old story, and overdone game made even big vampire fighters want their money back.

    Forspoken’s Lost Words: Square Enix’s showy big-world game promised parkour tricks and mind-blowing fight scenes. Sadly, the truth was a broken mix with not interesting level designs and a main character whose words could make even Gollum sound smart.

    These mistakes, though they hurt, are worthwhile teachings for makers. The message is clear: make, change and focus on playing the game more than anything else. Players want exciting experiences, not old tricks and false promises.

    But it wasn’t all doom and gloom in 2023. While AAA studios stumbled, the independent scene continued to shine. Games like Stray, a cat adventure through a neon-drenched cyberpunk world, and Cult of the Lamb, a charming yet macabre roguelike with animal cultists, proved that innovation and heart can trump big budgets. These indie darlings reminded us that the spirit of gaming lies in creativity, not corporate boardrooms. It is safe to so that we could expect even more genre-bending and thought-provoking experiences from these fearless developers in 2024.

    Remember the initial hype around virtual reality? It felt like we were on the cusp of a revolution, but the novelty wore off, and VR headsets gathered dust in basements. However, 2023 saw promising signs of a VR revival. Advanced headsets like the PSVR2 offer stunning visuals and improved comfort, while exciting new titles like Half-Life: Alyx 2 and the mind-bending Bonelab are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in VR. 2024 could be the year VR finally finds its footing and becomes a mainstream gaming platform, transporting us to worlds beyond our wildest imaginations.

    But 2024 won’t bring only bad things. The winds of change are stirring, with promising developments that could herald a new era of gaming: 

    Nvidia’s RTX 40 Series Refresh: The talked about update of the strong RTX 40 series might give needed speed improvements and more chances to buy it. This might finally help us get new, beautiful games.

    VR’s Second Wind: After a few years of struggling, VR looks ready for a return. Advanced headsets like the PSVR2 and exciting new titles like Half-Life: Alyx 2 might finally make virtual worlds a common thing.

    Indie Studios Rising: The separate game making area keeps growing well, with new games like Stray and Cult of the Lamb showing that lots of money isn’t needed for success. Get ready for more exciting and deep-thinking times from these creative masters.

    The path to make gaming better is full of things learned and new ideas accepted. The last year had its share of failures, but it also showed us how we could have a better future. With strong new tools, a new attention on having fun and the always changing world of making games, 2024 might be the year we finally get the games we should have. So, get your game controllers and other players. Let’s be ready for a year of (we hope) great comebacks and amazing moments in games. Keep in mind, even the darkest nights will eventually turn to morning. And like Gollum, the video game business needs only one special title to save itself.

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