GALAX SONAR-04 Brief Review

    The Sonar-04 is the next in line of premium quality headsets in the Sonar series by Galax. The headphone comes in two colours, Black and White. The headphone is compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

    Packaging & Contents

    galax headphone 1
    Box – Front & Back
    galax sonar manual
    User manual
    galax sonar wire
    Included 3.5mm Cable
    galax sonar 04 lights-on
    galax sonar 04 lights-off
    galax sonar 04 back

    The box contains the following basic contents:

    1. The Headphones
    2. 3.5 mm audio cable to connect devices which don’t support USB
    3. User manual

    The headset featured a white polymer body that looked and felt good to the touch. The earpads were also soft and felt good over the ears. The headrest was also soft and felt nice over the head. Overall, the headset was comfortable to wear.

    The Sonar 04 was created keeping in mind gamers and enthusiasts alike. The rugged built quality, the premium finish, and the comfortable padding with a premium leatherette cushion, the headset ensures a comfortable feel for extended use. And the headphones come with RGB lighting on the sides. Perfect for gamers!

    The Sonar 4 is made from a high-quality polymer material which makes it extremely sturdy and durable. The headband is adjustable which ensures that it’s going to be a perfect fit for everyone. The padding on the headband ensures the headphone is comfortable during those long hours of gaming or just listing to music or watching a movie.

    The earpads are also made of high-quality leatherette cushion which ensures a comfortable fit. The perfect fit also ensures that there is no sound leak on the headphones.

    The Sonar 4 comes with an omnidirectional mic with a led at the end and an adjustable arm. The headphones support 7.1 virtual surround sound for an extremely immersive experience and a 20Hz to 20,000 Hz audio frequency range, allowing you to experience high-quality dynamic audio with absolute clarity.

    This would be best experienced in open-world games. The sound settings can easily be adjusted with the Xtreme Tuner Plus software from GALAX. When using it to hear music, the highs and lows were clear but would need a little tinkering in the software to get the right feel for oneself.

    The headphones have volume control and two buttons. One button to control the RGB lighting and the other for muting the mic. There is also a 3.5 mm jack to connect different headphones/earphones.

    The RGB lighting is bright but not bright enough to feel like a nuisance. The leds are covered with a mesh and make the light look good. The mic features a blue light, but it doesn’t turn off/on but turns the mic off/on.

    Overall, the headphones offer a premium feel to the user for its price. Although there are a few things that can be improved on the headphones.

    Speaker Settings

    galax sonar settings 1

    Mic Settings

    galax sonar mic settings


    • Premium finish with extremely durable finish.
    • The RGB lights on the headphones are bright and easily visible even when its bright outside.
    • The sound quality is good and offers an immersive experience
    • No sound leak because of perfect fit over the ears.
    • Comfortable for long wear.
    • Can differentiate easily between the high and the low notes easily.
    • The earmuffs offer a perfect fit which cuts out the ambient noise


    • Only marque or spectrum mode for the RGB lights. No way of changing the colour modes.
    • The headphones are USB only. Need compatible adapter to be used with other devices
    • Mic quality can be improved.
    • Light on the mic does not change. Would not be possible for the user to see from the led on the mic whether its in mute or not.
    • The extra audio cable provided connects to other peripherals but there is no way to disconnect the USB cable so its like an extra cable just hanging around.

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