Deepfake technology : A new and dangerous trend is going on in India 

    What is Artiificial IntelligenceAI

    This article will tell you about deepfake technology and how it is becoming a dangerous trend in India

    Today is the world of Artificial Intelligence. Everyone uses AI to make life easy and to get the work done faster than normal. 

    AI technology uses the instructions given by humans in order to get the work done. Now how it follows the instructions, and what results it produces totally depends on the person who makes the AI and the person who gives the commands.

    The AI can do similar jobs that a normal human can do. The only difference we see is that it reduces the time taken. 

    The tasks include coding, content creation, image creation, image editing, driving, etc. Now it is being used in many other fields like the Hotel industry, manufacturing industries, Airlines, medical fields, defense, etc. 

    We have heard the quote “ Every Coin has two sides, one positive and one negative”. So AI also has two sides, one positive and one negative.

     If AI is used correctly, it will benefit, but if used incorrectly it may be dangerous to both the persons, the one who gives the commands and the affected person on whom the thing is used. 

    Since its invention, we have seen a lot of bad things related to AI. Hacking, Copying, online scams, etc. Many of these things lead to a huge monetary loss and social loss by downing the image and the royalty of the organization/person on whom the attack is carried out. 

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    What is Deepfake technology? 

    Deepfake technology means digitally created humans. These are created by copying the original human face into another person. It is done such that the second person looks similar to the first person.  All the characteristics of the body of the second person created are 99% similar to the first person. The things that look similar are Voice, Facial characteristics, Body characteristics like shape, size, figures, etc.

    From when this technology is being used 

    This technology is not newly created. This has been used in Western countries also. Many popular politicians and actors were targeted using this technology. 

    From US President Barack Obama to Russian President Vladimir Putin. All had been targeted using this technology. Other renowned persons targetted included Kim Jong-Un, United States representative, Nancy Palocy, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, etc.

    This technology is generally used in crimes in most cases which include Pornography, Online Frauds, and banking scams. This is also used to create memes. To defame someone in politics, etc. 

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    Russian President – Vladimir Putin

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    US Representative – Nancy Pelosi

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    Ukrainian Presiden – Vladimir Zelenksy

    How did this get introduced in India? 

    Recently many Bollywood stars were targeted using deepfake technology. A most recent case was of South Indian actress, Rashmika Mandhana, where her face used to show the actress in a very unusual Position.

    Other stars targeted included Kajol, Virat Kohli, Katrina Kaif, etc. The list is very long.

    Another popular industrialist Ratan Tata also got targeted with deep fake technology where one Twitter user named @aviator_sunil claimed to have earned Rs 1 lakh in just 1 day and he used the video of Ratan Tata to prove it.

     The deepfake of Ratan Tata shows him endorsing an online betting coach and urging viewers to join a Telegram channel managed by an individual named Amir Khan. This incident highlights the growing threat of deepfake technology in facilitating financial frauds and scams.

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    tips to identify deepfake technology

    How to identify deepfake videos 

    There are a handful of indicators that give away deep fakes:

    1. Do details seem blurry or obscure? Look for problems with skin or hair, or faces that seem to be blurrier than the environment in which they’re positioned. The focus might look unnaturally soft. 
    2. Does the lighting look unnatural? Often, deepfake algorithms will retain the lighting of the clips that were used as models for the fake video, which is a poor match for the lighting in the target video. 
    3. Do the words or sounds not match up with the visuals? The audio might not appear to match the person, especially if the video was faked but the original audio was not as carefully manipulated. 
    4. Does the source seem reliable? One technique that journalists and researchers often use to check the true source of an image, which you can do right now, is reverse image searching. You should also check to see who posted the image, where it was posted, and whether or not it makes sense for them to do so.

    What is the Indian government doing to Stop this trend?

    As this trend spreads in India, the government of India has been strict on deepfake technology videos. Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav said that the government is trying to build a framework and guidelines to tackle this menace.

    Also, they said that they will appoint one special task force to keep a check on this issue. PM Modi on Friday said the Use of artificial intelligence for creating ‘deep fake’ is problematic. The government is also urging Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and X (Twitter) to take steps in order to detect and eliminate such content..


    In conclusion, the rise of deepfake technology marks a concerning trend in India, posing unprecedented challenges to the realms of privacy, security, and misinformation.

    As this sophisticated technology becomes more accessible, it demands urgent attention from policymakers, law enforcement, and technology experts to develop robust countermeasures.

    The potential for deepfakes to manipulate public perception, tarnish reputations, and even influence critical decision-making processes is a call to action.

    Safeguarding against the adverse impacts of this technology requires a multi-faceted approach, including public awareness, stringent regulations, and the development of advanced detection tools.

    As we navigate this complex landscape, the collaboration between government, industry, and civil society becomes paramount to mitigate the risks and ensure the responsible use of technology in the digital age.

    The journey to combat deepfakes is an evolving one, necessitating continuous vigilance, innovation, and a collective commitment to uphold the integrity of information in our increasingly interconnected world.

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